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Rylie:  Yeah no, I'm going to church
Avery:  Well you have fun with that.
Rylie:  Isn't going to church hungover a sin?
Avery:  of all the sins, that's the one you're worried about?
"A few months ago someone asked me where my home was and I thought about being tangled in your sheets on a Sunday morning
and when I was asked to define safety, I almost told them I had never felt safer than I did wrapped up in your arms
Someone asked me if I knew anything about war
I replied that it felt as if bombs exploded in my chest any time you neared
They wondered if I wanted to explore the world one day, but all I longed to wander were the arches in your back and the cracks in your skin.
When they told me I was crazy for loving winter, I laughed-if only they knew it was because I was never cold when you were at my side.
Now if they ask me about home all I can picture is me in bed without anyone to hold
And my only source of safety is the pills I take to forget about your face
When asked about the war I point to the bullet wounds that go right through my heart
Travel now intrigues me since it means I would be getting further away from you and our memories that were molded into the concrete of the city that we hate
And fuck they’ll always say I’m crazy, especially because they all know that I’m still insanely in love with you even after all the shit you’ve put me through"
-guest check (via tragicinsanity)
"For a complicated girl, she ain’t hard to figure out."
-Joe Nichols (via livingablondemoment)